The Fundación Épica La Fura dels Baus

Is a research and creation center in advanced arts that promotes horizontal collaboration between Humanities, Science, Technology and Society.
Established in 2017, Épica is the result of a conceptual work promoted by the artistic director of La Fura dels Baus, Pep Gatell. Driven by the need, not only to consolidate the knowledge developed by the company, but also to regenerate, reinvent and inspire new formulas and formats for creation, Gatell leads this initiative to establish a legacy for and with society. 

In this way, Épica creates its own methodology based on the knowledge developed over more than 40 years by the international performing arts company, characterized by its capacity for innovation, its working method and its unique language. 
The result is a laboratory for the free experimentation, versatile and adaptable to the needs of each discipline, challenge, hypothesis or concept. All this through the performing arts as a common language.

Épica is also a member of the Media Solution Center BW, partner of the Audiovisual Cluster of Catalonia and Living Lab certified by the European Network of Living Labs. 
Finally, since 2017 La Fura dels Baus Épica Foundation is one of the 15 Creation Centers of the Generalitat de Catalunya, a distinction that allows it to have biannual funding for the implementation of the center’s activities. 

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