Épica has its own unique methodology that is based on co-creation, the sum of talents and disruption. Beyond the artistic environment, the Foundation makes its method and experience available to the private sector, opening doors to disruptive innovation.

The business sector finds in the Foundation the appropriate environment for validation and contact with citizens. Through the application of the “Fake it until you make it” strategy and the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Épica provides a space to test new ideas, products and services and improve them iteratively and without risk.

An ecosystem in which to generate long-term innovation horizons, establish new ways of working that start from creativity, seeking disruptive solutions that can transform industries and improve people’s lives.

In short, Épica promotes change and disruption, providing a new environment in which to continually validate new products and services, while serving as a platform for meaningful interactions with society.

As a result, Épica positions itself as a catalyst to foster innovation, providing companies with the tools to navigate an ever-changing landscape, while ensuring their products and services are aligned with society.