Cultural and Creative Industries

Epica’s main objective is to reposition the cultural and creative industries as relevant players in the research, development and innovation (R&D&I) ecosystem. To achieve this, the foundation facilitates access to science and technology for professionals in the sector, providing them with new knowledge and tools to face the challenges of the future.

These professionals have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of projects through open calls for proposals that are periodically made by the Foundation. These projects are presented in different formats, such as virtual residencies that allow the integration of digital tools and innovative narratives in artistic projects. Likewise, art and science residencies are offered to foster the ACTS (Art, Science, Technology and Society) ecosystem. Finally, there are projects that combine the performing arts with Epica’s own methodology, involving artistic knowledge and challenges proposed by scientists.

In short, professionals in the cultural and creative industries have the opportunity to access new disciplines and sources of inspiration, acquire innovative digital tools and integrate unique creation methodologies into their processes. All this takes place in a multidisciplinary research space at the frontiers of art, science and technology.