The Foundation applies its own methodology in all its projects, and has three key elements:
1. The experience of La Fura dels Baus
2. Language and concept: Anticipatory Arts
3. The co-creation workshop as a methodological application format

The experience of La Fura dels Baus

Épica draws on the experience and knowledge developed by La Fura dels Baus to generate its own methodology that it disseminates and conceptualizes from its application in all its fields of action.

La Fura dels Baus (1979), which was born as a street theater company, is today one of the most emblematic groups on the international contemporary scene.

The company has its own language, the Furan language. A physical and immediate language, which uses apparently chaotic and brutal montages, dominated by bodily experience, turning them into a scenic space shared by actors, machinery and spectators. La Fura seeks to break with the passivity of the spectator, through an intrusive language that turns the audience into part of the show. Since the 1990s, La Fura has been introducing technology and digital art into its proposals, making its characteristic physicality coexist on stage with innovative technological proposals. Another of the company’s characteristics is the use of unconventional spaces and architectural environments as stage space and expressive element.

Language and concept: Anticipatory Arts

Épica proposes the use of performing arts as a vehicle and transversal language in all its projects. 

On the one hand, this type of language favors the transfer of knowledge to civil society. The performing arts allow society to approach disciplines, considered elitist or fields of knowledge far from their daily routine or scope, eliminating existing borders. Through the culture and experience widely recognized by La Fura dels Baus, it is possible to attract people to new knowledge, allowing access to and participation in it, actively contributing to the definition of new lines of research, the decision-making or the new challenges of the 21st century, among others. 
On the other, the performing arts, and more specifically the language and methodology of Épica, are framed within the concept of Anticipatory Arts, due to their suitability  to create any multidisciplinary fiction and anticipate future scenarios through an immersive experience. This allows  to generate reactions among the audience very similar to reality. In this sense, Épica through the Anticipatory Arts creates a risk-free space, in all senses, that allows researchers, creatives and participants to carry out their experiments and/or theories,  as a sandbox for iterable experimentation between society, science, art and technology. 

The format: co-creation workshop

The Foundation applies its methodology through Co-creation Workshops through which it proposes an imperative collaboration between project participants, coming from different disciplines, a new paradigm in which a single entity and/or person is not feasible to generate content (mutual learning). 
The Co-creation Workshops are articulated in the following phases that can be extended depending on the participants involved:
– Cohesion
– Investigation
– Creation
– Public presentation and validation