Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture and Épica

Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture organized during February 2020 the first IMMENSIVA VR/AI Residence artistic residency in its facilities, where different international artists who work with virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality participates in this residency for three weeks to co-create interdisciplinary projects in groups, advised by international curators of of new media art..
In the residence opening ceremony, the Espronceda team received the presentations of different professionals, artists and curators. Among them, Fran Iglesias, General Manager of the Foundation, presented Epica as well as the activity prepared to start the residency.

Kick-off session at Épica

On February 5, a kick-off session based on mutual learning, creativity and teamwork was held at the Foundation for the participants ofIMMENSIVA VR/AI Residence. The objective of the activity is to strengthen institutional relations with other centers and create a space for creative cooperation for residents.
The residency culminated in an event that offered visitors a sample of the creative prototypes devised by the participants. IMMENSIVA VRAI Residence SHOW 2020 served to bring to the Barcelona audience the creativity that arises from interdisciplinary work, the application of new technologies and co-creation where the group exceeds individual milestones.


Kick-off, conferences




February 5, 2020


Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture (Barcelona) and Épica Foundation (Badalona)