OLLD 2023, ENoLL

Evento OLLD 2023

What happens if our transitions go well? Co-creating the positive change, ENoLL

The Fundación Épica La Fura dels Baus co-organizes together with CVC, i2Cat the Open Living Labs Days, the annual event of the European Network of Living Labs. It is a meeting that brings together Living Labs members, public officials, business leaders, entrepreneurs, academics and innovation centers from around the world. The event offers a unique platform to network, exchange best practices and collaborate on cutting-edge projects, as well as to reflect on the latest trends and how to shape the future.

In addition to participating in the event’s conferences, Epica conceptualized and implemented the cultural and social event of the convention, inviting all OLLD 2023 attendees to actively participate in a co-creation action that clearly pointed to the living lab communities of Europe and the World as much needed players to promote positive social change in relation to digital, ecological, social and fair transitions. In addition, at the same event, the new ENoLL members were introduced and played a key role in the activity.

The co-creation action proposed by Epica was led through the Kalliope application, a mass communication platform for audiences that allows the transmission of multimedia content to the audience’s phones in real time. 
Kalliope divided the audience into four groups and assigned each group to build an object aligned with each of the four transitions: digital, ecological, social and just. To get the objects assembled, the audience was given instructions by the new ENoLL members, who were then lowered via zip lines to the center of the stage.

The pieces used to build the objects were dismountable and recyclable boxes provided by the company KH LLoreda, whose president is part of the Council of Wise Men and Experts of the Epic Foundation.

Just transition

For just transition the public generated a scale.

Green transition

For the ecological transition the audience created a honeycomb and a bee. A group from the audience transported the bee around the space, underlining the cross-cutting importance of the ecological transition for all other transitions.

Social transition

For the social transition the public generated a reactor.

Digital transition

For the digital transition the audience created a face.