Last February was signed the agreement of SCENE (Searchable multi-dimensional Data Lakes supporting Cognitive Film Production & Distribution for the Promotion of the European Cultural Heritage), a new project led by CERTH and funded by the European Commission in the framework of HORIZON EUROPE, of which Epica is part. The project, which involves a total of 7 countries and 13 partners, is primarily designed to provide the means for a modern and globally competitive European film industry, based on two solid pillars: cognitive AI technologies and (in)tangible European cultural assets, while respecting European values and policies in relation to the human being and its environment.

The project has four main objectives:

  • To develop a set of cutting-edge technologies and services capable of covering the entire film industry process and to validate them through pilot testing.
  • To promote Europe's tangible and intangible cultural heritage through new technologies by improving its accessibility and preservation.
  • Facilitate filmmaking and editing during the production and post-production phase with effective simulation and evaluation mechanisms.
  • To develop innovative, scalable and sustainable business models in the sector that contribute to European ideals, objectives and economy within the framework of the New European Bauhaus initiative.

Epica's main role in this project will be to connect with the cultural and creative industries sector as well as with society. Offering, on the one hand, new knowledge and tools to professionals in this sector, as well as detecting the technological needs and requirements of this environment. Finally, Epica will ensure that the project is connected and aligned with the European initiative New European Bauhaus, whose main pillars are sustainability, beauty and inclusion.